About Dr. Muhammad Affan Qaiser

Dr. Muhamad Affan Qaiser is a renowned Gastroenterologist

He is an Transplant Hepatologist of Pakistan who is currently serving as a Senior Consultant and Assistant Professor of Transplant Hepatology and Gastroenterology at Advanced GI & Liver Tower Multan and MASH Family. He has successfully contributed to 400 liver transplants, making him the first-ever and youngest qualified face of Transplant Hepatology from South Punjab.

He is the man behind the idea of introducing medical journalism in Pakistan that has positively influenced the lives of thousands of people including medical students and health personnel.

But that’s only his introduction, not his current profile – not who he was and who he is.

People in his acquaintance hardly know what took him to transform from a brilliant student in his higher secondary school to becoming one of the most sought-after Transplant Hepatologists and Gastroenterologists Pakistan has ever produced.

People know the ‘wow’ of his successful present but not the ‘how’ of his struggling past; his utmost dedication, sleepless nights, hardships, and most importantly his commitment that led him to become what many fail to start, some lose hope in the middle and only a few reach the top.
Today he is the first-ever and the most qualified transplant hepatologist from South Punjab who has successfully contributed in more than 400 liver transplants in Pakistan. Here is what Dr. Affan Qaiser wants every struggling aspirant to know who dreams of achieving the impossible.

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Dr. Muhammad Affan Qaiser is an assistant professor of gastroenterology and transplant hepatology and one of the leading names in the field of hepatology and transplant hepatology in the country.