Dr. Affan Qaiser

Assistant Professor
Head of Gastroenterology, Director General & Transplant Hepatology, SITH
Director Advanced GI Liver Tower, Multan

Dr. Muhammad Affan Qaiser is the only medical influencer in the country with the highest number of followers across the globe.

About Dr. Muhammad Affan Qaiser

Dr. Affan Qaiser into one of the biggest names in Medical Journalism, awarding him the reputation as the most popular medical influencer and blogger in Pakistan with a following in millions.

The most qualified Transplant Hepatologist and a pioneer of medical Journalism

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Hear from Professionals

Dr Affan Qaiser is extremely competent student, a great doctor and a very great professional. In spite of all his media fame, his humbleness toward his profession and his patients is exemplary. I proud to say that he is gem of Liver transplant world.

Prof. Dr. Abdul Wahab Doger
Program Director | HOD Liver Transplant Department

Dr Affan Qaiser is a Godsend, He's a very patient person who genuinely care about his patients. He always take the time to explain things to patients in terms that they can understand. He's diligent in making sure the patient's health is the best it can be. I would ecommend Dr. Affan Qaiser to anyone seeking a kind, compassionate and brilliant doctor.

Prof. Dr. Khalid Masood Gondal
General Physician

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Dr. Muhammad Affan Qaiser is an assistant professor of gastroenterology and transplant hepatology and one of the leading names in the field of hepatology and transplant hepatology in the country.